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Is Craig Wright Actually Satoshi Nakamoto? Bitcoin’s Alleged Creator’s Assertion Deemed A ‘Brazen Lie’ In UK High Court

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The Australian computer scientist Craig Wright is currently in the midst of a legal battle in the U.K., where he is being sued by a group of cryptocurrency exchanges and developers for his claim to be the creator of Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC). The trial began on Monday, and has heard that Wright’s assertion is a “brazen lie.”

What Happened: As reported by The Guardian, the trial, which started on Monday, is centered around Wright’s claim to be the pseudonymous author of the founding text of Bitcoin.

Jonathan Hough KC, representing the Crypto Patent Alliance [Copa], stated that Wright’s claim is a “brazen lie and elaborate false narrative supported by forgery on an industrial scale.” Copa, which is backed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, is seeking a “negative declaration” that Wright is not Nakamoto.

Hough added that Wright used ChatGPT to produce forgeries to support his claims. 

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Wright’s barrister, Lord Grabiner KC, argued that Wright had released the white paper after “having spent many years devoted to studying and working on concepts underpinning Bitcoin.” He also stated that “clear evidence” demonstrated Wright’s creation of the digital currency.

Why It Matters: Wright, who has been embroiled in a long-standing legal battle to be recognized as the creator of Bitcoin, is now facing a pivotal trial in the U.K. The trial is expected to last for about a month and will be decisive in the ongoing saga of Bitcoin’s creator.

Wright, who has been supported by former gambling tycoon Calvin Ayre, has filed lawsuits against various individuals who have publicly doubted his claim to be Nakamoto. However, as revealed in a leak last year, the relationship between Wright and Ayre has shown signs of strain.

Earlier in 2023, an unverified Twitter account named Satoshi Nakamoto resurfaced after a five-year break, discussing exploring Bitcoin’s attributes in detail. This event added to the intrigue surrounding the true identity of Bitcoin’s creator.

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