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ZkPass Pre-Alpha Testnet Opens for Public Testing

ZkPass Pre-Alpha Testnet Opens for Public Testing

September 1, 2023 – New York, New York

In a significant stride toward revolutionizing data privacy and verification, zkPass the innovative privacy-preserving protocol for private data verification announces that its pre-alpha testnet is open for public testing.
A glimpse into the Future zkPass pre-alpha testnet

The zkPass pre-alpha testnet presents a transformative approach to private data verification.

Built on the bedrock of MPC (multi-party computation), ZKP (zero-knowledge proofs) and 3P-TLS (three-party transport layer security), zkPass introduces TransGate a gateway empowering users to selectively and privately validate their data from any HTTPS website.

This encompasses diverse data types, including legal identity, financial records, healthcare information, social interactions, work history, education and skill certifications.

ZkPass achieves these verifications securely and privately, obviating the necessity to reveal or upload sensitive personal data to third parties.

The power of scalability

ZkPass can be readily incorporated into multiple application scenarios, including composable decentralized identity passes, DeFi lending protocols based on off-chain credit, privacy-ensured healthcare data marketplaces, dating apps featuring verifiable zkSBTs and more.

Wherever there is a need for trust and privacy, zkPass can provide a solution.

By employing cryptographic technologies like MPC, ZKP and others, zkPass enables users to validate their private data through the verification of their HTTPS-based web session eliminating the need for file uploads or the exposure of sensitive details.

For example, through zkPass, Alice can prove the following.

  • Based on her server response to the Steam/GOG website, she has purchased over 10 games with more than 100 hours of gameplay and is not required to disclose any other private information about her account to a third party.
  • Based on her server response with the Harvard Alumni website, she has a Bachelor’s degree and is an alumnus of Harvard University but does not disclose any of her other superfluous personal data.
  • Based on her server response with the Porsche website, she owns a Porsche but does not disclose her frame number, purchase order or other private data.
  • Based on her server response with the bank’s website, she owns assets greater than $100,000 but does not disclose any of her specific account assets, transfer records or other private data.

ZkPass can be…

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