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Viral ‘Cardano Girls’ Video Sparks Conversation About The Project

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Cardano (ADA) has received plenty of criticism over the years, whether it’s ADA’s price performance, its founder’s personality, or its community’s “beef” with Solana.

This time, the project’s marketing team made the headlines after a viral video of female Cardano users became viral on social media. The ‘Cardano Girls’ video has sparked a conversation about the project’s efforts to reach a broader audience.

A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Community

The ‘Cardano Girls’ video was uploaded by Lily Brodi, a content creator and Cardano user, and went viral in hours. The video recreated a popular social media trend of people playfully listing stereotypical practices of a group of people with the phrase “We are (group). Of course, we…”

The trend, recreated by millions, including famous personalities like Kim Kardashian, has reached the crypto community. Last week, a “Crypto Girls” version of the trend was uploaded on X, which prompted Brodi to make her own.

Brodi’s version approached the point of view of female Cardano investors, with the opening line setting the lighthearted and playful tone: “We’re Cardano girls. Of course, we are real.”

The list in the video includes how female ADA users “treat themselves with money saved on gas,” “have Charles as their phone wallpaper,” and “buy $ADA while the men create all the drama.”

At the time of writing, the viral video had over 1.5 million views on X. Its massive reach resulted in the acknowledgment of Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, referred to as “Cattle Daddy” in the video.

‘Cardano Girls’ And Marketing Team Face Criticism

The video didn’t go unnoticed by critics, who considered the video to be “cringy,” while others expressed opinions seemingly based on misogyny. Crypto influencer Peter McCormack replied to the X post stating that the video will be used “as torture at Guantanamo Bay.”

However, the video appears to be well-received by the Cardano and crypto community. Brodi addressed the male detractors in an X post:

Nonetheless, the video opened a broader conversation…

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