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VanEck predicts Ethereum will hit $22,000 per token by 2030

VanEck predicts Ethereum will hit $22,000 per token by 2030

VanEck believes Ethereum (ETH) will be worth roughly $22,000 by 2030, the asset manager said in a comprehensive analysis published on June 5.

The forecast, developed by the firm’s Digital Assets Research team, led by Matthew Sigel, highlights Ethereum’s strong growth potential within both traditional and cryptocurrency-focused portfolios.

VanEck’s analysis attributes the optimistic price target to Ethereum’s expanding role as a high-growth, internet-native commercial system that could disrupt traditional financial sectors and Big Tech platforms.

The report emphasized Ethereum’s significant user base and economic activity, noting that the network currently supports approximately 20 million monthly active users, facilitates $4 trillion in annual settlement value, and oversees $308 billion in digital assets.

$2 trillion market cap

VanEck’s valuation model for ETH is based on a forecast of $66 billion in free cash flows — the amount of money generated by a blockchain network — by 2030, with a 33x valuation multiple on those cash flows.

The model considers Ethereum’s potential to disrupt various business sectors, including finance, marketing, infrastructure, and artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the report, the Ethereum network is poised to capture substantial market share from traditional financial markets and technology giants.

If Ethereum maintains its dominance among smart contract platforms, VanEck sees a credible path to generating $66 billion in free cash flow — the amount of money generated by a blockchain network — for token holders — supporting a $2.2 trillion market capitalization and a $22,000 price per ETH by 2030.

Revolutionary asset

The company emphasized ETH’s broad use cases, stating:

“We believe ETH is a revolutionary asset with few parallels in the non-crypto financial world.”

VanEck cited ETH’s role as “digital oil” consumed in on-chain use and called it “programmable money and a yield-bearing commodity.”


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