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Unleashing the Power of NFTs and MOBCOIN in a Tale of Legacy and Digital Transformation

Unleashing the Power of NFTs and MOBCOIN in a Tale of Legacy and Digital Transformation

Sydney, Australia

Crypto Gambinos, developed by Phantom Labs Pty Ltd, has announced the sale of its groundbreaking NFT collection.

With MOBCOIN now publicly trading on Uniswap, enthusiasts can enter the Crypto Gambinos world at a more accessible price point.

The project has strategically reduced its NFT minting price by 50% from 0.02 ETH to 0.01 ETH to align with current market conditions.

Plus, NFT holders will receive an airdrop of 10,000 MOB coins once the sale is complete.

The Crypto Gambinos saga

At the heart of the Crypto Gambinos project is a story that resonates with ambition, loyalty and the relentless pursuit of power.

It’s a tale that charts the journey from the humble beginnings of a child of migrants, through the ranks of the underworld, to the pinnacle of authority as the head of the family.

This narrative is not just a backdrop but the very essence of the Crypto Gambinos NFT collection.

  • The characters Dive into a meticulously crafted universe with characters that embody the hierarchy of power within the family, from ‘the don’ to the loyal ‘soldiers’ and ‘associates,’ each NFT character holds a place in this saga.
  • The legacy As a holder of a Crypto Gambinos NFT, you’re not merely a collector but also a part of this unfolding story, poised to carry the legacy forward in a digital era where the lines between the physical and virtual worlds blur.
MOBCOIN – a currency with purpose

Now publicly traded on Uniswap, MOBCOIN is designed to empower the community and fuel the project’s ecosystem.

  • Tokenomics With a fixed supply of 777,777,777, MOBCOIN represents a commitment to sustainable growth and community participation.
  • Governance The MOBCOIN DAO enables token holders to influence the project’s direction, ensuring a democratic approach to decision-making.
  • Utility and rewards The project promises a rich tapestry of benefits, including in-game currencies, governance roles, an airdrop of 10,000 MOB coins for NFT holders and potentially a share in the family’s treasury, ensuring that the community’s loyalty is rewarded.

Acknowledging the critical importance of security in the blockchain space, the MOBCOIN token has undergone a rigorous security audit.

This step reinforces the project’s commitment to transparency, security and trust within the community.

Beyond ownership

Crypto Gambinos is more than an NFT collection  it’s an immersive experience that extends the narrative…

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