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Trump’s Potential White House Return ‘Arguably More Consequential’ Than First Term, Says Outlet

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President Donald Trump‘s agenda, spanning a wide array of issues from border security to energy, suggests a mix of revisiting past policies and introducing new initiatives, reported the Associated Press. 

The outlet stated that, “[if] implemented, Trump’s plans would represent a dramatic government overhaul arguably more consequential than that of his first term.” 

Here’s a look at Trump’s platform: 

Dismantling The Deep State

Central to Trump’s agenda is a bold plan to “totally obliterate the deep state.” The former president is reportedly aiming to remove civil service protections from tens of thousands of career federal employees, making it easier to dismiss them. This strategy would involve reissuing the 2020 executive order known as “Schedule F,” enabling the reclassification of numerous employees.

Along with the potential mass firing this would cause, Trump has expressed a particular interest in targeting “corrupt bureaucrats” within the justice system and national security sectors, especially those linked to ongoing criminal cases against him. He is also seeking to intensify measures against government officials who leak information to the press and implement a new civil service test for federal employees, according to the Associated Press. 

The US-Mexico Border And Immigration

Trump reportedly plans to reinforce his hardline stance on immigration, with a focus on strengthening the US-Mexico border. This includes revisiting and intensifying policies from his first term to curb illegal immigration, such as moving thousands of troops who are currently stationed overseas — as well as FBI and DEA agents  — to immigration enforcement, the outlet noted. He would also end birthright citizenship, and reinstate and expand on his travel ban that targeted seven Muslim-majority nations. 

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Trade And Foreign Policy

Trump has proposed a strategic trade and foreign policy shift on the international front, the Associated Press further reported. The former president would reduce reliance on Chinese imports of essential goods, and attempt to ban Chinese companies from owning U.S. infrastructure in the energy, technology and agriculture sectors.

Trump also previously…

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