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Trump Dominates Biden In Swing States: How These 2 Big Issues Could Change The 2024 Presidential Election

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Seven states that helped determine the outcome of the 2020 presidential election are being referenced as some of the most watched battlegrounds in a potential head-to-head match between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

What Happened: A new Morning Consult/Bloomberg poll shows the results of the seven states and also what voters think are the most important issues heading into the 2024 presidential election.

Here’s a look at how the voters in each state would vote between Biden and Trump if the election were held today, with results from the December poll in parentheses.

Arizona: Trump 47% (46%), Biden 44% (42%)
Georgia: Trump 49% (49%), Biden 41% (43%)
Michigan: Trump 47% (46%), Biden 42% (42%)
Nevada: Trump 48% (47%), Biden 40% (44%)
North Carolina: Trump 49% (49%), Biden 39% (40%)
Pennsylvania: Trump 48% (46%), Biden 45% (44%)
Wisconsin: Trump 49% (45%), Biden 44% (41%)

Trump gained support in five of the seven states and kept the same support in two states compared to the results from December. Biden gained support in three states, kept the same support in one state and lost support in three states.

The gap in most states is also wider than the current 44% to 42% advantage Trump has in a Morning Consult poll of all registered voters nationwide.

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Why It’s Important: The results above could be bad news for Biden with the current president losing support from voters in the key states. What could be more alarming is the biggest issues from voters in the seven states and which candidate they trust more.

The top issues in the four states are the economy, immigration, democracy and abortion. Here’s a look at how these four issues rank in the swing states, with the percent voting each as the top issue.

All Seven States: 36% economy, 13% immigration, 11% democracy, 6% abortion
Arizona: 28% economy, 20% immigration, 12% democracy, 5% abortion
Georgia: 42% economy, 12% democracy, 10% immigration, 5% abortion
Michigan: 37% economy, 14% democracy, 12% immigration, 5% abortion
Nevada: 33% economy, 15% immigration, 13% democracy, 3% abortion
North Carolina: 34% economy, 16% immigration, 9% democracy, 6% abortion
Pennsylvania: 34% economy, 12% immigration, 10% democracy, 9% abortion

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