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Time to End Craig Wright’s Harassment Campaign Against Bitcoin Devs

Time to End Craig Wright’s Harassment Campaign Against Bitcoin Devs

Craig Wright claims to be the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. He isn’t.

But, undaunted by this basic truth, Wright has used his substantial financial backing to bring an endless stream of baseless litigations against crypto developers based on this lie, many of whom cannot even afford to present the most basic defense. This is the exact opposite of the vision that animated Satoshi’s white paper in 2008. It’s a drain on the talent and spirit of the crypto economy as a whole, and it needs to stop — now.

Coinbase Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal on behalf of the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA).

Three years ago, crypto industry members came together to create the Crypto Open Patent Alliance, or COPA, a vehicle for sharing crypto innovation openly and protecting one another from the kinds of false IP infringement claims that plague so many tech industries. COPA quickly recognized Wright’s litigation campaign was a tax on crypto development, and that the players he was targeting could never afford to fight back on their own. So, on April 9, 2021, COPA filed its own case and asked a court to declare once and for all that Craig Wright is not Satoshi.

Next week, starting Feb. 5, this case will finally go to trial. But the trial is about much more than just debunking Wright’s delusions of grandeur. COPA is committed to stand up to bullies like Wright whose intention has been to “personally hunt every dev[eloper] until they are broke, bankrupt and alone.” It is time to put an end to his campaign against the heart of our industry, and set the record straight that Wright is not Satoshi and therefore can’t stall progress with false IP claims.

It’s long past time for the true spirit of the Bitcoin white paper and open source to prevail.

The human cost of Wright’s vindictive crusade

For years, Craig Wright has wielded the power of litigation as a weapon against anyone questioning his Satoshi claim. Through numerous lawsuits and scorched-earth litigation tactics for the few who were able to afford to put forward a defense at all, he has sought to financially drain and emotionally distress his opponents. This includes the entire Bitcoin developer community, many of whom contribute to the development of the Bitcoin ecosystem without any expectation of financial…

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