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Three-Peat? Super Bowl LIX Odds, Kansas City Chiefs Back-To-Back-To-Back Payout

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After defeating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, the Kansas City Chiefs are now one of a select few NFL franchises to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles.

It was the team’s third Super Bowl win in five years. The Chiefs are now in the conversation of top NFL dynasties, with their sights set on breaking an NFL and Super Bowl record.

No team in the NFL has ever won three straight Super Bowls. In fact, no team has ever won two Super Bowls and even appeared in the Super Bowl the following season.

Other North American sports leagues have seen their share of three-peats, a phrase that was trademarked by former NBA coach Pat Riley. The last three-peats in professional sports leagues happened in the NBA in 2002 (Los Angeles Lakers), MLB in 2000 (New York Yankees) and NHL in 1983 (New York Islanders).

The Boston Celtics even won eight straight NBA Championships from 1959 to 1966.

The fact that no team in the NFL has won three straight Super Bowls could show the parity of the league and the difficult odds of winning a Super Bowl championship.

Here are the NFL teams to win two straight Super Bowls and what their record and playoff performance was in the following season.

New England Patriots: Super Bowl wins 2003, 2004, third season 10-6 record, lost in Divisional Round
Denver Broncos: Super Bowl wins 1997, 1998, third season 6-10 record, missed playoffs
Dallas Cowboys: Super Bowl wins 1992, 1993, third season 12-4 record, lost in Conference Championship
San Francisco 49ers: Super Bowl wins 1988, 1989, third season 14-2 record, lost in Conference Championship
Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl wins 1978, 1979, third season 9-7 record, missed playoffs
Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl wins 1974, 1975, third season 10-4 record, lost in Conference Championship
Miami Dolphins: Super Bowl wins 1972, 1973, third season 11-3 record, lost in Divisional Round
Green Bay Packers: Super Bowl wins 1966, 1967, third season 6-7-1 record, missed playoffs

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Betting Odds for Three-Peat: The Chiefs entered the 2023 season as the favorites to win Super Bowl LVIII with odds of +600. The team became an underdog several times in the NFL Playoffs and in the Super Bowl and…

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