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These 3 Companies Want to Offer “Stablecoin-as-a-Service” in Japan

japan stablecoins

Holdings, Inc., a global financial services group, and its digital asset
subsidiary, Laser Digital Holdings AG, have announced a strategic partnership
with GMO Internet Group, Inc. to explore the issuance of Japanese yen (JPY) and
US dollar (USD) stablecoins in Japan.

collaboration aims to leverage each company’s experience to provide a secure
stablecoin solution for the Japanese market. GMO Internet Group, through its US
subsidiary Trust Company, Inc., has a proven track record in issuing
stablecoins on major blockchains such as Ethereum , Stellar, and Solana.

The company
operates a digital currency management system supporting multiple technological platforms and monitoring features for currency
transactions and operations.

stablecoins will inevitably play an important part in financial markets, Nomura
and its Digital Asset subsidiary Laser Digital are excited to partner with GMO,” said Kentaro Okuda, the President and Group CEO of Nomura Holdings. “This
project has the potential to greatly enhance digital asset accessibility and
innovation in the Japanese financial landscape.”


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