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The Scientific Strategy for Venture Capitalists

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The cryptocurrency market has been on a remarkable rise
since the beginning of 2024, fueled by several factors such as the approval of
a spot Bitcoin ETF by the SEC, Bitcoin halving that happened recently in April,
the increased institutional interest and demand, and the innovation and
adoption of various blockchain projects and platforms.

The total market
capitalization of all cryptocurrencies reached more than $2 trillion level for
the first time since April 2022. Bitcoin, the largest
and most dominant cryptocurrency, hit a new all-time high of $33,000, while Ethereum, the
second-largest and most widely used cryptocurrency, also gathered significant
trading volume.

The crypto market, marked by volatility and uncertainty,
presents both challenges and opportunities for venture capitalists (VCs). VCs
are crucial in providing capital, expertise, and credibility to crypto
startups. However, successful investment demands a scientific approach,
understanding of technology, market, regulations, and
risk management for optimal returns.

I brought this up after having a dinner meeting with a group
of VCs and I realised how unrealistic their investment strategy is when it
comes to crypto. They think that it is ok to invest in every project that comes
to them.

Well, in this article, I will discuss what a scientific approach for
VC in investing in crypto
means, why it is important, and how it can be implemented. I will also provide
some examples of successful crypto VCs who have adopted such an approach and
achieved remarkable results.

Structured Methods for Crypto VC

A scientific approach for VC in investing in crypto is a
method that applies the principles and practices of science to the process of
identifying, evaluating, selecting, and supporting crypto investments. It
involves the following steps:

Research: This step requires thorough research into
the crypto market, technology, trends, opportunities, and challenges. Gathering
and analysing data from diverse sources like academic papers, industry reports,
blogs, podcasts, social
, forums, and newsletters is crucial.

Hypothesis: This stage entails…

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