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The Road To $100,000: Bitcoin Whale Accumulation Explodes

Bitcoin whales

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Bitcoin reaching $100,000 remains a highly feasible target, especially given the fact that the price of the cryptocurrency hit a new all-time high above $73,00 ahead of the halving. In preparation of the explosive move that is expected to follow the halving, Bitcoin whales are going all out as they fill up their wallets with BTC.

Large Bitcoin Whales Buy More BTC

As the Bitcoin price has retraced from its surge, large Bitcoin whales are taking advantage of the dip to buy more coins at cheap prices. These whales, which hold at least 1,000 BTC – which means they have $70 million on the low end, have bought up a large tranche of coins over the last three months.

Since January, there has been a steady climb in the number of wallets that hold at least 1,000 as interest continues to grow. A lot of this interest is driven by institutional investors who are putting billions of dollars into Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Now, with the condition that issuers have to hold the BTC they sell to customers, it has seen these institutions buy up a good chunk of the supply.

The number of addresses holding at least 1,000 BTC was sitting at less than 1,500 at the beginning of the year. However, by March, with institutions ramping up their buys, this number has climbed to 1,617. This is an 8% increase in the number of these large whales in the last three months.

Bitcoin whales

Source: Glassnode

To put this increase in perspective, the last time that there were these many whales holding this much BTC was back in 2021 at the peak of the bull market. So, if this number is rising once again, it means that these large investors are expecting the price to rise, and as a result, are trying to maximize their profits.

Spot ETF Inflows See 2,600% Spike

After a week of consistent outflows, inflows into the Spot Bitcoin ETFs are starting to ramp up once again. For the first day of the week, inflows climbed to $14.5 million, bringing a welcome change from the almost $900 million worth of outflows that was recorded in the prior week.

This change in the tide seems to have brought renewed interest for investors as Tuesday saw a whopping 2,600% increase in inflows. In total, there $418 million recorded going into Spot BTC ETFs on Tuesday, one of the highest inflow days since the ETFs were approved.

This change in direction is also evident in the Bitcoin price, which has recovered from last week’s low of $60,000. The price has since sprung back up above $70,000, with a 10%…

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