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The Ethereum Foundation Is Selling ETH Again, Is The Top In?


The Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization, has initiated an unexpected ETH sell-off to a single address, prompting speculation about a potential market peak. 

Ethereum Foundation Executes Multiple ETH Transfers

On Monday, March 4, Blockchain analytics platform LookOnChain revealed a series of transactions executed by a wallet address related to the Ethereum Foundation. Sharing a screenshot of the transaction details on X (formerly Twitter), LookOnchain disclosed that the Ethereum Foundation had initiated three ETH transactions to a single wallet address identified as “Cumberland Forwarder”. 

Among these transfers, two involved selling off 500 ETH each, while the third recorded a transaction amount of 0 ETH. At the time of writing the price of Ethereum is trading at $3,684.95 according to CoinMarketCap. This price puts the value of the Ethereum Foundation’s 1000 ETH sell-offs at over $3.68 million. 

It’s uncertain whether this unexpected sell-off indicates a shift in the foundation’s perspective on Ethereum’s current valuation, as the foundation is known for selling ETH tokens during tops. Additionally, the timing of the transfers could be an indication of a peak in Ethereum’s price, which often precedes a significant price correction. 

Including the Ethereum Foundation, there have been other major ETH transfers made by investors. Earlier in January, bankrupt cryptocurrency company Celsius Network initiated a massive sell-off worth about $125 million ETH. Following this large-scale transfer, Ethereum’s price experienced a major decline. 

With the price of Ethereum slowly approaching its peak value, if a similar sell-off phase occurs, it could potentially trigger a shift in market sentiment, pushing investors to opt for other major cryptocurrencies as they attempt to diversify their portfolios and avoid risks. 

ETH’s Price Update

Recently, Ethereum has been witnessing significant gains, driving its price closer to its previous all-time high of $4,379 in May 2021. Notably, the cryptocurrency has been aggressively following Bitcoin’s recent bullish uptrend, reinforcing its position as the second-largest cryptocurrency in the space. 

Various analysts have consistently made bullish predictions about the price of Ethereum, with the majority expecting the cryptocurrency to surge above $5,000 soon. Considering the multiple upgrades and developmental activities ongoing within the Ethereum…

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