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Terra Classic Price Near-Term Advance

Terra Classic Price Near-Term Advance

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has embarked on a six-month journey marked by a consistent downtrend, largely influenced by the gravitational pull of a so-called descending channel pattern. This pattern, characterized by successive lower highs and lows, mirrors an active market sentiment favoring sales during attempts at bullish rebounds.

Mid-August proved to be a pivotal juncture for LUNC as aggressive selling surged, triggering a precipitous plunge from $0.0000658 to $0.0000523. This swift and significant 34% drop led to a critical retest of the support trendline intrinsic to the falling channel pattern. 

Interestingly, the coin’s value exhibited resilience through multiple instances of dynamic rebounds, translating to intermittent bullish bounces in its ongoing recovery phase.

Terra Luna Classic Chart Hints Signs Of Resurgence

Delving into the price analysis, the daily chart unfolded a compelling narrative with a long-tailed rejection manifesting at the lower boundary of the channel pattern, commencing on August 17. This occurrence effectively signaled an undercurrent of demand pressure. Capitalizing on this support, the price rebounded vigorously, propelling it upwards by 22%, currently resting at $0.0000638.

Source: TradingView

Should LUNC’s price sustain its position above $0.6 in the coming days, a beacon of hope emerges for buyers to potentially spearhead a rally of up to 25%, culminating in a rendezvous with the overhead trendline of the channel. Yet, the market’s true affirmation of a trend reversal hinges upon a more decisive signal: a bullish breakout from the resistance trendline.

Nova’s Strategic Intervention Amidst Community Dynamics

In a parallel development, Terra Luna Classic’s validator, Nova, has unveiled a strategic initiative in response to a proposal that floundered amidst some challenges. The proposal, aimed at funding the Quant USTC repeg team, faced rejection within the Terra Luna Classic community.

Despite a promising trajectory for Proposal 11716, which sought to financially support the Quant team for the month, some validators’ eleventh-hour “No” votes led to its…

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