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Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce To Get Engaged At Super Bowl LVIII? Some People Can Bet On NFL ‘Love Story’

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The days of just betting on which team will win a game are over. Today, sports fans can place wagers on practically anything.

Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11 will include an increasing number of prop bets: player statistics; coin toss outcome; how long the national anthem will be; who will score a touchdown; the exact score in each quarter; the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach and more.

Even a well-covered NFL romance between a tight end and a pop star has also made its way to sportsbooks.

What Happened: Taylor Swift‘s relationship with Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, played out in front of the public throughout 2023.

The relationship became the subject of betting odds from sportsbooks, helped increase viewership for media companies, and created increased brand value for the NFL.

FanDuel, a unit of Flutter Entertainment (NYSE:FLUT), posted odds for several Swift and Kelce props this week, but they’re not available to U.S. residents and only to bettors in legalized Canadian regions.

One of the betting options is “Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift?”

The initial odds of the bet were +190 for “yes” and -250 for “no,” as shared by Covers.

Within a half hour, bettors had quickly impacted the line, with most people betting that no proposal will happen at the game between the two stars.

As of Tuesday, the current betting odds are +920 for “yes” and -2200 for “no.” FanDuel is also limiting bettors to 100 Canadian Dollars on the betting odds, or around US$75.

This means a bettor would win $690 if they bet the equivalent of $75 on “yes” and an on-field proposal happens after Super Bowl LVIII. A bettor could win the equivalent of around $3.41 if they bet the $75 equivalent on “no proposal” and the two don’t get engaged.

Another betting option is whether the Super Bowl MVP winner will thank Swift in their speech. The betting odds are +600 for “yes” and -1100 for “no.” This bet is also only available in Canada from FanDuel.

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Why It’s Important: The Super Bowl is the largest individual sporting event in the U.S. each year and will see millions bet on who will win the game between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.


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