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Sui Chosen as a Foundational Partner for Groundbreaking Web 3.0 Data Service As ZettaBlock Launches Open Beta

Sui Chosen as a Foundational Partner for Groundbreaking Web 3.0 Data Service As ZettaBlock Launches Open Beta

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March 5, 2024 – Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Sui is one of 12 networks that will be integrated at ZettaBlock’s Open Beta launch, giving builders seamless access to a powerful new source of Web 3.0 data platform.

Sui, the lightning-fast, infinitely horizontally scalable layer one blockchain that has quickly become a leading destination for DeFi activity, has been announced by data platform ZettaBlock as one of the protocols chosen to be a foundational integration partner at the launch of its groundbreaking Web 3.0 data platform.

At the launch of ZettaBlock’s open beta, builders and developers will have seamless access to rich, high-quality data across more than 12 blockchains and 500 popular Web 3.0 data sets, including Sui.

Established in 2022, ZettaBlock represents a major advancement in Web 3.0 data handling.

ZettaBlock’s full-stack, institutional-grade, unified platform provides rich on-chain data, both historical and real-time, and allows users to bring their crucial, private data sources to the platform.

Importantly, ZettaBlock eliminates the need for developers to deal with multiple data vendors, presenting them instead with a singular, scalable and adaptable data platform.

Further, ZettaBlock’s platform is easy to use, offering a comprehensive library of pre-built APIs that encompass the most common use cases to allow developers to build quickly, while simultaneously enabling them to easily craft custom APIs based on any business or DApp logic via SQL, generating one-click ready GraphQL endpoints with no infrastructure overhead.

In its short history, ZettaBlock’s robust data solutions have already powered the likes of Crypto.com, Chainlink, Forta and Artemis Analytics.

On the partner side, in addition to Sui, ZettaBlock’s open beta offers seamless access to data generated by Web 3.0 networks such as Polygon, Stellar and zkSync.

The platform that ZettaBlock has engineered powers interoperability that is fundamental to enhancing and growing ecosystems and pushing the boundaries of Web 3.0 use cases.

Through its early-stage partnership with ZettaBlock, Sui fills an essential role in breaking down barriers for developers who seek to innovate and expand beyond the current limitations of DeFi.

In particular, ZettaBlock empowers developers by eliminating data and infrastructure challenges and enabling them to focus on innovating and building the next generation of Web 3.0 apps.

With the aid of innovations such as Sui’s…

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