Solana Labs launches Web3 incubator offering dev and fundraising support

Solana Labs launches Web3 incubator offering dev and fundraising support

Solana Labs unveiled an all-new incubator program for project development on the Solana blockchain on Oct. 26. 

Title simply “Solana Incubator,” the program will offer fundraising, development, networking, and marketing support for web and blockchain projects seeking to build on Solana’s platform.

The Solana Incubator will accept applications through Nov. 30. Those accepted will purportedly receive support from the Solana Labs team and its partners throughout the development, marketing, and launch phases of their projects.

According to Emon Motamedi, Product Manager at Solana Labs:

“Our priority with the Incubator program is to remove the biggest obstacles currently facing founders, including barriers around Web3 integrations and fundraising, so that these teams can spend their time on what they do best: solving the burning problems of their users. By providing founders with the resources they need to succeed, we hope to not only bring more sustainable businesses to the Solana ecosystem, but to also help grow the Web3 industry as a whole.”

Motamedi’s commentary comes via an Oct. 26 press release. “Additionally,” reads the article, “the program is designed to provide teams with exposure to top VCs in the Solana Labs network to help these start-ups enhance their liquidity.”

In related news, Marinade Finance, the largest decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol on the Solana blockchain, is now blocking new signups from users in the United Kingdom.

As Cointelegraph reported, a message greeting U.K. users on the Marinade Finance website explains that the user block comes in response to “compliance concerns relating to rules and regulations promulgated by the U.K. Finance [sic] Conduct Authority.”

The U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority issued a notice on Sep. 9 indicating that new rules affecting crypto asset firms would go into effect on Oct. 8 with a January 8 deadline for compliance. Numerous outlets have already pulled products and services from the U.K….

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