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Socrates Announces Light of Debate Season Two Airdrop

Socrates Announces Light of Debate Season Two Airdrop

January 30, 2024 – London, United Kingdom

Socrates announces ‘Light of Debate’ season two, highlighting a five million SOC airdrop and the launch of new features, including Pop Quiz One Versus 100 and Peak Duel, enhancing the platform’s interactive experience.

Socrates, the world’s first SocialFi debate-to-earn platform, is excited to announce the launch of its second phase community incentive airdrop, featuring a remarkable five million SOC airdrop.

This initiative, running from January 30 to March 30, 2024, is set to rank users based on points earned during this period, with the airdrop amount directly proportional to the points accumulated.

Enhanced experience with ‘Light of Debate’ season two

Building on the success of its previous features, Socrates introduces ‘Light of Debate’ season two, which promises a richer and more engaging user experience.

This new phase brings a bounty of five million SOC in airdrop rewards and innovative features like Pop Quiz One Versus 100 and Peak Duel, designed to facilitate point accumulation.

The airdrop event, spanning the same period as the ranking initiative, will distribute rewards based on user engagement and contribution.

Lottie Wells, global PR and communications at Socrates DAO, said,

“The scale of this airdrop reflects our dedication to our users’ active involvement on the platform. We’re rewarding the intellectual contributions of our community members, which are the true driving force behind Socrates’ growth and success.”

Pop Quiz One Versus 100 – a new level of engagement

The updated version of the popular Pop Quiz game, Pop Quiz One Versus 100, offers users the chance to participate in larger-scale debates, adding a new layer of competition and intellectual stimulation.

This feature benefits both quiz creators and successful challengers, making learning an engaging and rewarding experience.

The reward system for Pop Quiz One Versus 100 has been meticulously designed to encourage intellectual engagement and provide rewarding learning experiences for both quiz creators and participants.

In Pop Quiz One Versus 100, creators now have the opportunity to shape their own questions and answers, set a specific duration for their quiz’s availability and decide the maximum number of respondents, up to a limit of 100 participants.

This addition transforms the game into an exhilarating blend of time-bound challenges and competitive interaction.

As each question unfolds,…

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