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Snoop Dogg’s Shiller sets sights on transforming the creator economy in the Web3 era – SlateCast #55

Snoop Dogg’s Shiller sets sights on transforming the creator economy in the Web3 era – SlateCast #55

In a recent episode of SlateCast, Akiba from CryptoSlate engaged in a conversation with Fitzy, a key player at, about the ever-changing creator economy within the Web 3 era.

Shiller has set its sights on transforming the social and streaming realms by seamlessly blending Web 3 functionalities into the content creation and consumption process. Fitzy elaborated that Shiller functions as a streaming platform, offering audio or video rooms akin to Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces but with the added twist of video stages.

Central to the platform are two key components: First, Web 3 integration enables users to employ token gating for rooms and manage access through existing NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon, with other chains expected to join soon. Second, the platform incorporates social commerce technology, ensuring seamless transactions for both physical and digital assets within the platform’s ecosystem.

The Intriguing Link between Shiller, Snoop Dogg, and Co-founder Sam Jones

Fitzy divulged the fascinating backstory that connects Shiller with the iconic Snoop Dogg and its co-founder, Sam Jones. Jones, a seasoned British entrepreneur, boasts a rich background in the tech sphere, having worked across diverse Asian markets and established companies such as His bond with Snoop Dogg can be traced back to his tenure as managing director at, where he collaborated on promotional campaigns with stars like Snoop, Kendall Jenner, and Neymar.

Jones and Snoop’s deep involvement in Web 3 and their conviction in social commerce as the retail of the future gave birth to Shiller. The platform aspires to deliver a more genuine, unfiltered, and relatable experience for creators and their communities.

The Dynamic Creator Economy within Web 3

Akiba and Fitzy explored the current landscape of the creator economy in the Web 3 domain. Fitzy conceded that numerous creators are generating revenue and producing great content, but when contrasted with conventional platforms,…

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