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Skyline Digital Makes TradFi Accessible on Web 3.0

Skyline Digital Makes TradFi Accessible on Web 3.0

February 7, 2024 – Zug, Switzerland

The Swiss-based platform Skyline Digital empowers underbanked Web 3.0 businesses, founders and DAOs to access third-party fiat payments, OTC trades, tokenized real-world assets, vIBANs and on/off-ramping.

Web 3.0 businesses, DAOs and HNWIs (high-net-worth-individuals) find themselves underserved by traditional banks, while custodial and centralized crypto exchanges pose risks and unreliability.

Skyline Digital has made it a mission to solve these issues at the core of Web 3.0 business with its non-custodial platform, providing access to TradFi services directly from any wallet.

Switzerland is the crypto-friendly home base of Skyline Digital, from where it operates as a regulated financial intermediary and VASP.

From there, Skyline Digital facilitates a variety of financial activities, including third-party payments, OTC trades, vIBANs, on- and off-ramping and tokenized RWAs (real-world assets) such as US treasury bills.

Skyline Digital’s suite of services addresses the needs of Web 3.0 organizations, including business expenses, contractor payments or service provider transactions.

So far, customers have utilized the platform for different types of transactions, including real estate investments, paying legal fees, purchasing a Tesla and hiring contractors on a global scale.

The platform’s integration with Web 3.0 liquidity providers and traditional finance institutions allows it to act as a payment facilitator, handling the exchange and payment from and to any major stablecoin and fiat currency (EUR, USD, CHF, GBP and SGD).

Onboarded customers can directly process transactions from their Metamask, Safe, Ledger or other wallets, bypassing the intricacies associated with traditional banking intermediaries.

Last month, the platform extended the integration to Polygon mainnet, and now users can choose between that network and Ethereum.

Sebastião Queiroz e Mello, co-founder and CEO of Skyline Digital, said,

“For Web 3.0 professionals, the boundary between TradFi and DeFi remained practically impenetrable. Bridging on-chain assets to the real world posed significant challenges, especially for unincorporated DAOs, due to their lack of a legal entity.

“We can process single and batch transactions directly from our client’s Web 3.0 wallets. The alternative is a cumbersome and costly combination of centralized exchange and bank transactions, which all require custody of your assets and bear…

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