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‘Self-Custody Should Mean the Ownership of Everything About You’ Says Sharering’s Tim Bos – Interview Bitcoin News

'Self-Custody Should Mean the Ownership of Everything About You' Says Sharering's Tim Bos – Interview Bitcoin News

According to Sharering, a blockchain-based platform enabling the creation and use of “self-sovereign” verifiable credentials, millions of potential world wide web users are still disconnected from the internet because they lack required or verifiable identities, among other things. Without such verifiable identities or credentials, many disadvantaged groups, including refugees, are thus precluded from accessing information from the web that may enhance their way of life.

Sharering on Proving ID Online

To help such disadvantaged groups overcome this challenge, tech entrepreneurs and blockchain startups like Sharering have proposed or created a technology that enables internet users to “prove who they claim to be online.” Known as self-sovereign digital identity, this technology also ensures that “individuals maintain control and security over their own data.”

While the technology is seemingly still in its infancy stages, a growing number of organizations including non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have fully embraced it. For instance,, a United Kingdom-based social enterprise that “connects the unconnected” to the world wide web, recently said it had partnered with Sharering.

As explained in a recent press release,, which is seeking to connect one billion people to the internet, believes that barriers which “add friction to the availability of data” can be overcome or resolved with self-sovereign digital identities which are verifiable.

Some critics have argued that such verifiable digital identities come with flaws or disadvantages that may nullify the perceived advantages. However, according to Tim Bos, the CEO of Sharering, through hard work and constant adjustments self-sovereign digital identities are ideal when seeking to verify online identities.

In written responses to questions sent by News via Telegram, Bos also offered his thoughts on what he thinks needs to be done to help regulators and governments understand what Sharering and others are trying to achieve with self-sovereign digital identities.

Below are Bos’ answers. News (BCN): Sharering recently said it had become the official partner of, a social enterprise that seeks to “connect the unconnected” to the world wide web. The objective of this initiative is to connect 1 billion users to the internet. Can you tell our readers more about this partnership and why you support the goal…

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