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Scalpers Rejoice! Analyst Predicts Chanlink Short-Term Surge

Scalpers Rejoice! Analyst Predicts Chanlink Short-Term Surge

The Chainlink (LINK) market is abuzz with chatter after a popular cryptocurrency analyst issued a bearish forecast. In a recent analysis, CryptoWzrd predicted a continued downward trend for LINK in the coming days, but also hinted at a potential “scalping” opportunity for nimble traders.

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Scalping refers to a high-frequency trading strategy where investors capitalize on minor price fluctuations within a short timeframe. CryptoWzrd believes the current bearish trend in LINK presents an entry point for such tactics. However, the analyst emphasized the need for a strong trading signal before recommending a scalp.

The next big move up from this level will be a significant indicator for the market as a whole, and LINK specifically, stated the analyst in his projection. This cryptic message has sent ripples through the crypto community, with traders eagerly awaiting CryptoWzrd’s next move.

Analyst Evaluates Market Trends And Trajectories 

His examination has garnered significant attention, particularly among active traders seeking an edge in the often-unpredictable cryptocurrency market. His focus on short-term trends and scalping opportunities resonates with those who favor a more hands-on approach compared to buy-and-hold strategies.

The analyst’s emphasis on quick scalps highlights the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. Unlike traditional investments, cryptocurrencies can experience significant price swings within minutes, making them ideal hunting grounds for scalpers with lightning-fast reflexes and a deep understanding of technical indicators.

LINK market cap currently at $9.4 billion. Chart:

Chainlink 200-Day SMA Projected For Growth

Meanwhile, technical analysis predicts that Chainlink’s 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) will rise in the next 30 days, closing at $17.05 on July 9, 2024, while the short-term 50-Day SMA will close at $18.14 on the same day.

Furthermore, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is neutral with a value of 45.80. According to the RSI, there is currently a market in a neutral mood for Chainlink, indicating that the cryptocurrency is neither overbought (above 70) nor oversold (below…

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