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Robert Kiyosaki: Invest in Gold, Silver and Bitcoin — Here’s Why

Robert Kiyosaki: Invest in Gold, Silver and Bitcoin — Here’s Why

Robert Kiyosaki, known for his investing advice and his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of personal finance books, has taken to social media again to alert investors about what he thinks they should be doing: investing in gold, silver and bitcoin.

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Let’s dig a little deeper into Kiyosaki’s outlook on precious metals and crypto as investments.

Invest in Gold, Silver and Bitcoin, Kiyosaki Says

In a Feb. 12 post on his X (formerly Twitter) account, Kiyosaki revealed his opinion about what he calls “hard assets” and why he feels people should be investing in them. 

“Finally a few Financial Planners are recommending investing in Gold, Silver, Bitcoin. 

Q: Why have financial planners not recommended investing in hard assets earlier?  

A: $. Money Baby !!! Commissions!!! Gold has beaten the S&P for decades. The S&P is about to crash by 70% …”

Kiyosaki believes that financial planners have typically guided their clients away from investing in gold, silver and bitcoin due to a lack of commissions. He claims gold has beaten the S&P for years now. 

As far as Kiyosaki’s claim that the S&P is about to crash by 70%, it’s worth noting that Kiyosaki is known for making dire predictions, like the U.S. economy falling into a depression and the stock market crashing. Just check the related headlines. 

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Why Kiyosaki Says To Invest in Gold, Silver and Bitcoin

Kiyosaki has been steering investors toward gold, silver and bitcoin for a while now if you keep up with his social media posts.

His rationale is that if the Fed keeps raising interest rates, the U.S. dollar strengthens, causing the price of gold, silver and bitcoin to sink, which makes it cheaper to invest in. Then when interest rates drop, he said those who invested in the bearer assets will reap the benefits.

A Different Take

Robert R. Johnson, PhD, CFA, CAIA, Professor of Finance, Heider College of Business, Creighton University, has a different take on whether people should invest in precious metals and bitcoin. 

Benefits of Adding Precious Metals to U.S. Equity Portfolios

Johnson co-authored a paper titled, “Can Precious…

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