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Ripple and Uphold Forge Partnership

Ripple XRP

a blockchain and crypto solutions, has embarked on a new partnership with
Uphold, the global Web3 financial platform. This collaboration aims to empower
Ripple with enhanced crypto liquidity capabilities, bolstering its cross-border
payments infrastructure.

is known for its flagship payments products, which helps global business
performance by eliminating the need to pre-fund accounts worldwide, thus
unlocking trapped capital.

over a decade of experience in blockchain solutions for the financial sector,
Ripple is facilitating payments through its crypto-enabled enterprise solution,
enabling 24/7/365 payment capabilities and near-real-time settlement.

Soltani, Head of Payments Product at Ripple, expressed, “Our new partnership
with Uphold enables us to enhance our underlying infrastructure, and Uphold’s
deep liquidity expertise further underpins Ripple’s ability to offer fast and
flexible cross-border payments worldwide. We see this as the start of our
relationship and are excited about what the future holds.”

Uphold Facilitating Value
Transfers Between Fiat and Crypto

Uphold, a Web3 financial
platform, boasts a trading architecture facilitating value transfers between
fiat and crypto across various networks. Uphold’s extensive access to global
crypto liquidity venues empowers businesses to serve customers and facilitate

McLoughlin, CEO at Uphold, remarked, “Ripple provides a tremendously valuable
service to businesses making cross-border payments, and we are thrilled to be
an essential part of it. Our partnership with Ripple illustrates how the unique
capabilities of our platform can be used by enterprises to make efficient
crypto-to-fiat transfers and bank payouts.”

pioneered solutions for the challenges associated with multi-trillion-dollar
cross-border payments by leveraging blockchain and crypto technologies.
Their state-of-the-art infrastructure offers a seamless end-to-end customer
experience with real-time payment tracking, delivery time forecasting,
transparent pricing, and FX rates.

product offerings have expanded to encompass various business use cases,
including liquidity management, tokenization, and custody solutions. Presently,
Ripple serves clients
in over 55 countries across six…

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