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RepubliK To Launch AI-Powered SocialFi Platform

RepubliK To Launch AI-Powered SocialFi Platform

March 8, 2024 – Singapore, Singapore

RepubliK is set to introduce the first AI-powered SocialFi platform on March 8, 2024.

This initiative represents a significant development in the digital and blockchain space, employing advanced AI to enhance the way social media platforms assess content quality, measure engagement and compensate content creators.

In a partnership with AWS AI and ML, RepubliK aims to provide a fresh perspective on content and user interaction analysis.

Aside from the use of AI for content recommendations, RepubliK’s approach focuses on evaluating the depth and quality of user interactions, enabling it to assess the depth of interactions in order to determine the quality of the content.

This strategy is designed to enhance the user experience by emphasizing content that promotes quality interactions rather than simply chasing popularity.

The AI’s role extends to calculating rewards based on the content’s quality, ensuring a more authentic and meaningful engagement.

RepubliK is also enhancing its technological framework with the adoption of a layer two solution and a transition to a multi-chain approach.

Scheduled to be fully integrated within the next two months, these advancements are expected to facilitate more efficient transactions and accommodate the growing needs of the platform’s community.

The platform introduces a reward system designed to recognize and compensate creators and users based on the substantive value they contribute to the community.

This system is engineered to support the creation of quality content and encourage a more engaged, authentic community interaction.

About RepubliK

RepubliK is a platform at the intersection of social media and blockchain technology, striving to redefine content creation, sharing and monetization through the integration of AI and blockchain.

The platform’s mission is to create a more equitable and engaging online environment for creators and users alike.

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Felicia Tung, RepubliK

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