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Portugal Temporarily Halts Worldcoin’s Biometric Data Collection


Portugal’s data regulator, CNPD, has ordered Worldcoin
to cease collecting biometric data for 90 days, citing concerns over citizens’
data protection rights. According to a report by Reuters, CNPD highlighted
risks related to unauthorized data collection from minors and inadequate mechanisms to erase the information and data collected from users.

However, Worldcoin refuted the claims of non-compliance,
citing ongoing efforts to address the regulatory issues, including the alleged sign-ups of underage users. The
iris-scanning project, which offers free cryptocurrency in exchange for facial
scans, has attracted over 4.5 million users globally.

Recently, the company announced a shift toward “personal
custody” to grant users control over their data. Amidst ongoing
investigations and bans in other countries, Worldcoin faces regulatory
challenges regarding privacy concerns in handling biometric data.

Worldcoin’s ambitious goal of establishing an
“identity and financial network” has triggered regulatory scrutiny globally.
According to its Founder, Sam Altman, such a system is crucial in navigating an
AI-dominated world. However, privacy advocates caution against the risks
associated with biometric data collection. Worldcoin has attracted interest
from major investors, such as a16z crypto and Bain Capital Crypto.

Despite assurances of compliance, Worldcoin faces
regulatory hurdles in multiple jurisdictions. This includes recent actions by Kenya and Bavarian state regulators, indicating a broader trend of
regulatory intervention.

Regulatory Scrutiny

MounIn neighboring Spain, the Spanish Data Protection
Agency recently ordered Worldcoin to halt the collection and processing
of personal data over privacy concerns. The move follows complaints regarding inadequate
information disclosure, data collection from minors, and the inability to
withdraw consent. The intervention aims to prevent the transfer of personal
data to third parties and secure already collected data.

Last year, France joined the UK in questioning Worldcoin’s data collection methods. The use of biometric data, such as iris scans, raises red flags regarding user privacy and data security. Similarly, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office emphasized the importance of obtaining user consent and adhering to data protection laws.

In response to the growing scrutiny, Worldcoin’s Co-Founder, Alex Blania, defended the project’s approach to biometric data, highlighting the necessity of…

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