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No Home Advantage For Haley: Trump Secures 30-Point Lead In South Carolina Primary, Reveals New Poll — Can Ex-Governor Leverage Her Strengths?

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With South Carolina’s Republican primary elections looming, a recent poll sheds light on the prospects of the leading contenders in the race.

What Happened: According to a CBS News/YouGov poll published on Monday, likely Republican voters in South Carolina are increasingly leaning towards Donald Trump over Nikki Haley, the former Governor of the state.

The survey revealed that 65% of respondents would vote for Trump if the primary elections were held at the time of the survey. In contrast, Haley trailed behind the former president by 30 points, garnering support from merely 30% of respondents. Four percent indicated they would opt for another candidate.

The poll, conducted from Feb. 5-10, sampled 1,483 registered voters in South Carolina, including 1,004 likely Republican primary voters.

Firm Support For Trump: Among those favoring Trump, 87% expressed firm commitment to their choice, while 13% admitted the possibility of shifting allegiance to Haley. Conversely, 78% of Haley’s supporters affirmed their unwavering support, with 22% considering a potential switch to Trump.

When presented with four factors that could influence their decision, the majority of Trump supporters remained steadfast. Approximately 66% stated that they would not sway, even when considering Haley’s record as the former governor. Similarly, concerns regarding Trump’s legal battles failed to dissuade 77% of his supporters, while an equal proportion remained loyal despite the appeal for a fresh face.

Notably, 95% of respondents dismissed Haley’s gender as a decisive factor in their decision-making.

Regarding policy preferences, national issues took precedence for 89% of respondents, with only 11% prioritizing state matters.

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Haley’s Strong Traits: Despite lagging behind Trump in voter preference, Haley outperformed him in certain traits such as likability and being a role model. Fifty-two percent regarded Haley as likable, compared to 32% for Trump. Additionally, 31% of likely GOP voters considered Haley a role model, while only 23% held the same view of Trump. Haley also scored higher on attributes such as reasonableness, with 41% compared to Trump’s 36%.


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