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NFT Project Spotlight: CryptoBatz, Ozzy Osbourne’s Biting Bat NFTs

NFT Project Spotlight: CryptoBatz, Ozzy Osbourne's Biting Bat NFTs

Key Takeaways

  • Ozzy Osbourne recently launched an NFT collection called CryptoBatz. It was created in collaboration with Sutter Systems.
  • Inspired by the time Osbourne bit a bat’s head off live on stage, CryptoBatz NFTs allow holders to “bite” another NFT to create a MutantBatz NFT.
  • CryptoBatz is also launching a real-world treasure hunt for another rare set of NFTs called AncientBatz, which will be able to “bite” up to 99 times.

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CryptoBatz is a set of 9,666 pixel-art bats created by Sutter Systems in collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne. Each bat has the ability to “bite” an NFT from one of the project’s partner collections to create a new hybrid MutantBat that takes traits from both the biter and the victim NFTs. 

CryptoBatz, the Story So Far

Ozzy Osbourne, often referred to as the Prince of Darkness, rose to fame in the 1970s as the lead singer for Black Sabbath. During his decades-spanning career, he developed a reputation for pushing the limits in his on-stage performances, infamously biting the head off a live bat on stage at a 1982 concert in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Those born after the height of Osbourne’s music career are more likely to know him from the hit reality TV series The Osbournes. In the show that aired between 2002 and 2005, the spaced-out rocker charmed millions with his various antics living in a Los Angeles mansion with his wife and manager Sharon and two of their three children. 

When media outlets broke the news that Ozzy Osbourne would be launching his own NFT collection in January, the crypto community was equal parts excited and skeptical. Celebrity NFTs have developed a bad reputation, with several high-profile personalities launching shoddy collections that go nowhere. However, it soon became clear that CryptoBatz wasn’t “just another celebrity cash grab,” as Sharon says in one of the project’s promotional videos. 

CryptoBatz is the flagship collection of Sutter Systems, a New York-based NFT studio that collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne to bring his NFT vision to life. The project pays homage to the work of Gremplin, the iconic NFT artist behind CrypToadz, which exploded in popularity late last year. CryptoBatz seeks to develop the popular pixel-art style of CrypToadz and continue the legacy of pixel-art NFTs that started back in 2017 with Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks. 

The collection of 9,666 CryptoBatz follows a similar format to other generative avatar projects. Each NFT is a pixel-art bat…

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