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Manta Network’s L2 hits mainnet to drive ZK-enabled DApp development

Manta Network's L2 hits mainnet to drive ZK-enabled DApp development

The ecosystem of layer 2 blockchain solutions powered by zero-knowledge proofs welcomes a new player as Manta Network takes its ZK-as-a-service platform live.

Manta Pacific is a modular L2 aimed at powering EVM-native decentralized applications (DApps) using ZK-proof technology. The platform offers a software development kit and ZK library that is touted to provide plug-and-play functionality for developers.

Being EVM-native means that apps deployed on Ethereum can be deployed on Manta Pacific and vice versa, while being ZK-enabled provides low gas fees and scalability. Users can also bridge Ethereum to Manta to begin exploring its development environment.

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With industry peers including the likes of Consensys’ Linea zkEVM, Polygon zkEVM, Starknet, Coinbase’s Base and zkSync Era, there are a number of ZK-proof L2 solution options available to Web3 developers.

Speaking to Cointelegraph following the mainnet launch, Manta Network core contributor Kenny Li said that the different ZK-rollip L2s offer different value propositions that aim to solve significant problems being faced by developers.

“We think that in the mid to long term, the market will converge to a small number of available solutions that are focused on making it as easy as possible for developers to build and deploy ZK-enabled applications.”

Li added that the Web2 world of technology followed a similar evolution with the success of software-as-a-service models where a plug-and-play approach was taken:

“This is crucial when zero knowledge is involved whereby developers do not have to worry about the infrastructure as the complexity of cryptography can be abstracted away.”

According to the Manta Network core contributor, Manta Pacific has been in development for nine months while its testnet launch in July 2023 has seen the creation of 150,000 wallets and over 3.5 million transactions.

Manta raised $25 million…

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