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Layer Three Blockchain Orbs Announces Version Four Upgrade To Meet Growing Industry Adoption

Layer Three Blockchain Orbs Announces Version Four Upgrade To Meet Growing Industry Adoption

February 6, 2024 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Trailblazing blockchain infrastructure project Orbs has announced the development of the next major iteration of its network protocol, Orbs version four.

Described as a substantial upgrade, version four is designed to enhance the efficiency and robustness of Orbs’ layer three technology, preparing the network for an expected surge in already-growing demand and usage in 2024.

As decentralized applications increasingly integrate Orbs’ products, the need for a more advanced network has become apparent.

Orbs version four is set to address this pressing need by focusing on a raft of key node upgrades, ensuring Orbs remains at the forefront of blockchain technology and equipped to handle the next wave of layer three adoption.

Nadav Shemesh, CEO of Orbs, said,

“The evolution to Orbs version four marks a pivotal moment in our journey. This upgrade is not just about scaling up it’s about setting a new standard in layer three infrastructure, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve in this ever-evolving space.”

Version four arrives two years after the introduction of its predecessor Orbs 3.0, which showcased the venture’s novel layer three architecture.

The launch of two execution services, Orbs Lambda and Orbs VM, meanwhile, allowed devs to extend smart contracts with layer three decentralized backend services executed by Orbs Guardians, reducing projects’ dependence on centralized backend solutions.

The latest iteration of the Orbs Network protocol has been in the works for some time and will benefit from more efficient node implementation and other necessary upgrades.

These will include layer three scaling enhancements, improvements in uptime, an upgraded layer three activity dashboard to track Orbs-powered protocols and a revamped Tetra staking wallet.

To facilitate more frequent upgrades, the existing manual rollout process for Guardian nodes will be automated while Orbs will move away from AWS-centric deployment to support a wider range of hardware and increase decentralization.

Technical barriers facing node operators will also be reduced in version four as the Orbs node installer CLI will be replaced.

Moreover, the auditability of the Orbs core orchestrator will be improved.

The entire Orbs team is eager to collaborate with Orbs Guardians, major stakeholders and the wider community to bring its vision for version four to fruition and to further solidify its position as an innovator in the…

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