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Is China’s Stock Market Poised For A Turnaround? Analyst Points To 3 Promising Signs Amid Policy Shifts

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Chinese stocks have staged a notable recovery in recent sessions, buoyed by speculations of potential government interventions to bolster the struggling market. On Thursday, an analyst suggested that a bullish upswing might be on the horizon, basing his assessment on technical indicators and market data.

What Happened: Adam Turnquist, LPL’s Chief Technical Strategist, remarked, “Technical indicators are showing signs of a potential turnaround in Chinese equity markets.”

Positive Technical Trends: Turnquist pointed to the China Shanghai Composite Index, which has rebounded since the lows observed in March 2020 amid the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Supporting his observation, he highlighted the emergence of a doji candlestick pattern, coupled with a bullish divergence in the relative strength index and increased trading volume.

According to Turnquist, a breakout above the resistance level at 2,910 could mark a reversal in the downtrend, signaling the sustainability of the market’s recovery.

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Extreme Oversold Conditions: Turnquist noted that the percentage of stocks currently in oversold territory, indicated by an RSI reading below 30, along with the proportion of stocks hitting new 52-week lows, has surpassed the 70% threshold.

“Historically, readings of this magnitude have overlapped with major market bottoms,” the analyst said. “A ramp in new four-week highs following extremely oversold momentum has often overlapped with major turning points on the SSE Index.”

ETF Inflow Surges:  Turnquist also noted that the inflows into Mainland ETFs have surged. “Markets stop panicking when policymakers start to panic,” he said, as he noted that there has been continuous news flow on additional stimulus measures from Beijing.

Turnquist sounded out a note of caution. “Identifying market bottoms is a difficult challenge riddled with risks, especially in China given the degree of government policy influence over price action,” he said.

“Moreover, economic conditions have yet to materially improve, although if/when they do, stocks will likely be well ahead of it.”

Why It’s Important: China, the world’s second-largest economy, is a key vehicle of global growth, especially given the country’s manufacturing prowess. For many of the big…

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