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ICP Price Drops 10% As DFINITY Foundation Unveils Updated Internet Computer Roadmap

Internet Computer

The DEFINITY Foundation, the company behind developing the Internet Computer protocol, has recently unveiled an updated roadmap to facilitate increased artificial intelligence (AI) blockchain adoption. 

As the native token of the network, ICP continues to lead among AI tokens and holds the 22nd position in the top 100 cryptocurrencies. However, recent price drops have prompted the Foundation to focus on key areas of development to revitalize the token’s price action and further advance the protocol’s capabilities.

Internet Computer Roadmap

The highlighted aspects of the roadmap outline two critical steps called “milestones” in the Internet Compute platform domain: Tokamak and Stellarator. Tokamak focuses on reducing latency by maximizing the block rate of each subnet and introducing a new synchronous ingress submission endpoint. 

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Stellarator, on the other hand, will reportedly increase the storage layer, enabling subnet blockchains to host over 1TB of canister smart contract storage while improving the efficiency of the consensus layer.

The DEFINITY Foundation aims to integrate AI capabilities as smart contracts on the Internet Computer protocol to address the resource-intensive nature of AI training and inference. 

The Cyclotron milestone outlined in the roadmap will increase on-chain inference for larger AI models through performance improvements in the WebAssembly runtime and inference engine. The Gyrotron milestone, on the other hand, explores the integration of AI-specialized subnets with GPU support, enabling compute—and memory-intensive computations on-chain.

ICP’s Interoperability With Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Solana

ICP’s Chain Fusion technology will allow direct interoperability with major blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs). Nonetheless, the roadmap introduces several milestones to expand interoperability. 

Tritium milestone enables ICP to interact with Ethereum and EVM smart contracts, facilitating cross-chain communication. Deuterium milestone extends Chain Fusion support to emerging Bitcoin protocols. 

Interestingly, the Helium milestone aims to increase Chain Fusion for the Solana network, enabling decentralized applications (dApps) leveraging the capabilities of both networks.

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Next, the Solenoid milestone decentralizes the operation of the ICP boundary nodes, “empowering” the network’s participants. The…

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