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Harvard Business Review: Alchemy Pay, Crypto Payment Ecosystem Pioneer

Harvard Business Review: Alchemy Pay, Crypto Payment Ecosystem Pioneer

Introduction. When we discuss the future of the digital economy and real life in the next generation of the Internet, we are inevitably talking about Web 3.0. The future is unknown, but we have seen some tech companies already exploring and deepening on their tracks, such as Alchemy Pay, mentioned in this article.

We will analyze the targeted strategies and measures it has taken in the crypto payment space, taking into account the company’s sustainable long-term goals while building a rich crypto payment ecosystem that is prepared for the Web 3.0 vision with its mission of bridging fiat and crypto global economies. These measures are very informative and should be considered by other company leaders.

Once seen by mainstream zeitgeist as a fringe technology destined to die out in society, cryptocurrency is now becoming a target of investment for countless fintech industry leaders since the powerful financial future it portrays. The proliferation of crypto payment platforms and users is driving the entire ecosystem closer to mainstream adoption. As more and more large financial companies enter the crypto payment space, the competition in this field is becoming increasingly fierce. Alchemy Pay, an industry veteran with extensive industry experience and solid product technology, is performing exceptionally well in this track on all fronts.

Founded in Singapore in 2017, the payment gateway that seamlessly connects cryptocurrencies and global fiat currencies for businesses, developers and users has walked a long way. It took less than 5 years to become the number one project with payment concept in the DeFi space and the leading crypto payment solution and technology provider in the Asia Pacific region. Alchemy Pay currently supports payments from 173 countries, including using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club, Google Pay, Apple Pay, popular regional mobile wallets, and domestic bank transfers to purchase crypto, providing a fast, secure and convenient solution for over 2 million online and offline merchants with aggregated cryptocurrency and fiat payment technology. In 2021, ACH, Alchemy Pay’s token issued on Ethereum and BNB Chain, listed on Coinbase, the world’s largest compliant trading platform, continued to rise with an initial bottom of $0.001762 and rose over 13620.8% in the week after listing. How did Alchemy Pay achieve such an impressive performance in such a short period of time?

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