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Growth Marketing in the Web 3.0 Age – Stop Treating Your Community as Customers

Growth Marketing in the Web 3.0 Age – Stop Treating Your Community as Customers

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What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Web 3.0’? A mere few months ago, the most common answer was ‘crypto,’ but now the public sentiment has changed toward ‘decentralization’ and ‘privacy.’

From payment to art, from social networks to decentralized computing, projects like Binance, OpenSea, Lens Protocol and Ethereum transform how we interact with the internet.

Today, the Web 3.0 ethos offers more equality and increased control over personal data for the user than ever.

Still, we often overlook the shift in how businesses are organized and administered. After all, we are in an all-encompassing paradigm shift, and marketers should consider that when planning campaigns.

So, what is the fundamental difference between attracting Web 2.0 customers and active members of a Web 3.0 product community?

Putting community before the product

If Web 2.0 businesses used to fully develop and test the product before offering it to customers, this concept became obsolete in the Web 3.0 space.

Today, firms and protocols favor attracting early adopters, distributing ownership through native tokens and retaining supporters until the final development stage.

Of course, the specifics of growth models differ after all, Web 3.0 has both centralized companies like Binance and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) like Uniswap but the common practice remains the same. Nowadays, many businesses don’t have a final product from the start.

As a result, a Web 3.0 community must be active and have a clear vision of a project’s long-term goals and missions.

Otherwise, a lack of engagement and a non-transparent roadmap will cause low retention rates.

For a company that is likely to be launched long before even the prototype is ready, this means not only a declining customer base for the final product but sometimes even a complete shutdown due to a lack of financing and public support.

Changing the way we communicate

So, how do we engage a Web 3.0 community? Make it a part of the movement. Present your feed as a never-ending interactive show and collect reactions and raise your followers to the rank of co-creators.

We need more than just streaming company news one way, or your community will grow emotionally detached and disinterested in the project.

Rather, aim to transform a long and tedious development process into history in the making. Tell a story.

Share why the moments they witness matter and…

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