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From Huobi to HTX

Huobi Gains Regulatory Approval in the British Virgin Islands

Prominent cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has rebranded to HTX. This transformation signifies an important step as the
company marks ten years in the industry, bringing together Huobi’s mission,
TRON token, and the essence of a crypto exchange.

The rebranding choice of
“HTX” carries significance, the exchange explained. Breaking it down, “H” pays
homage to Huobi, “T” symbolizes TRON, and “X” represents the essence of an exchange. This combination of “HT”
and “X” depicts HT as the platform’s native cryptocurrency, while “X” represents
the Roman numeral for 10, acknowledging HTX’s ten years in the industry.

“HTX’s new mission
is to build a metaverse-free port with a vision to achieve financial freedom
for 8 million people on Earth,” the exchange explained. “HTX is
embarking on a growth strategy of global expansion, thriving ecosystem, wealth
effect, security, and compliance.”

Beyond rebranding, HTX’s
listing strategy entered a new phase, with a focus on expanding its ecosystem
through the introduction of new assets. The company is committed to empowering
the community to decide which assets to list, welcoming premium and popular
projects from across the globe.

In addition, HTX plans
to partner with public chains, cross-chain protocols, and stablecoin projects.
The exchange emphasized promoting sustainable growth of decentralization while
mitigating risks associated with centralized crypto trading. These efforts
involve distributing user assets through a decentralized custody system backed
by 24/7 customer support.

As HTX marked its 10th
anniversary, it surprised its users with an extraordinary X Prize, a unique
offering that includes a chance to win a $6 million space flight ticket, a
round trip on a private jet, and the latest Tesla Model 3. Participants can
qualify for the prize by completing specific tasks before designated deadlines.
The landmark event dubbed TOKEN2049 occurred in Singapore today (Wednesday).

Challenges and Global

Last month, HTX faced a
difficult experience, shedding
$500 million in market value
rumors regarding the arrest of its leadership in China and alleged insolvency
went around. Amid the rumors, concerns regarding the financial health of Huobi
emerged, seemingly…

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