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Forbes Gives Alchemy Pay Web3 Innovation Pioneer Award – Press release Bitcoin News

Forbes Gives Alchemy Pay Web3 Innovation Pioneer Award – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Singapore, 12 January 2023: Fiat-crypto payment gateway Alchemy Pay and its co-founder and majority shareholder, Shawn Shi, have been officially recognised by Forbes with the Web3 Innovation Pioneer award on 11 January. The Singapore-based payment solutions provider has a major research and development hub across Asia that has pioneered new payment systems at the very edge of modern fintech – convenient payments that seamlessly enable the movement of funds between traditional fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

After its establishment in 2018, Alchemy Pay became Southeast Asia’s number one crypto payment system. 2022 saw Alchemy Pay move to d2c solutions for the first time. Its on and off-ramp and NFT checkout were all launched in Q3 and Q4 last year. The constant upgrades and innovations since the initial launch have created a full suite of offerings that satisfy newcomers and surprise crypto natives. Platforms across the Web3 space, from large-scale exchanges to small, specialised token issuers and dApps, have integrated the ramp services (plugin or API).

The Forbes award recognises the company’s pioneering achievements in fintech/crypto. Forbes picked out entrepreneurs, investors, and contributors to open source projects and crypto ecosystems which have made significant contributions to the development of Web3, saying they were “aiming to find cases of value creation by innovative companies in the Web 3.0 field, and to show how the current Web 3.0 wave is shaping a higher level of autonomy.”

Shawn Shi commented: “It is great to receive industry recognition for our work in the payment space. The scope of possibility is wide open, and our team is always pushing the boundaries. We have repeatedly proven that any payment scenario with any customisation is possible. I’m very proud of our team, and 2023 will continue to expand our vision.”

Alchemy Pay ended the year by integrating with Arbitrum, the world’s largest Ethereum scaling layer 2, going live with Apple Pay, and becoming an official service provider by Visa. Its success comes from its team’s significant working knowledge of legacy finance and blockchain technology. The ramp’s foundation is a network of payment processors, acquirers, exchanges, dApp devs and blockchains. This has been no small task; the team has a wealth of talent and expertise and managed to avoid any direct contagion from the recent fallout and scandals of the crypto…

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