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Finder’s Experts Predict Bitcoin to Peak at $29K in 2023, But Forecast a Low of $13K  – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Finder’s Experts Predict Bitcoin to Peak at $29K in 2023, But Forecast a Low of $13K  – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

The price of bitcoin is set to rise in 2023, but crypto and fintech experts chosen by the product comparison web portal do not believe the leading digital asset will break the $30,000 range this year. Finder’s panel of 56 specialists convened to give their 2023 bitcoin price forecast, and the panelists suggest bitcoin will peak at $29,095 this year.

Experts Weigh in on Bitcoin’s Future Price: Will it Reach Six-Digit Prices by 2030? has conducted another report that aims to predict bitcoin’s future price with 56 experts stemming from the cryptocurrency and financial technology industry. Today, on Jan. 24, 2023, bitcoin (BTC) is exchanging hands for just under $23,000 per unit, and it’s the highest price since FTX collapsed in Nov. 2022. The latest BTC predictions report published by indicates that the consensus is bitcoin will peak at $29,095 this year. However, the leading crypto asset is also predicted to end 2023 at roughly $26,844 per unit.

Furthermore, the Finder’s panelists expect a deep plunge down to a low of $13,067 per unit. Ruadhan O, the creator and founder of Seasonal Tokens, believes bitcoin will peak at $27,000 per unit because of the worries surrounding centralized entities within the crypto industry. “The price is low because possible imminent catastrophes are being priced in,” Ruadhan O told Finder’s researchers. “By the end of the year, market sentiment will have changed, and after the fear goes away, the market will rediscover the scarcity of bitcoin.”

Around 21% of the panelists expect institutional investors to leave the crypto market for different asset classes this year. Roughly 65% of Finder’s experts, including Alexander Kuptsikevich, the senior market analyst at Fxpro, believe bitcoin is underpriced. “The phase of the most active cryptocurrency sell-off is over. 2023 will be a year of careful price recovery. However, a real FOMO market is unlikely to come until 2024-2025,” Kuptsikevich remarked.

Finder’s Experts Predict Dip in Bitcoin’s Value, But See Potential for Long-Term Growth

Finder’s says 16% of the panelists believe BTC is currently overvalued, but a large majority of the 56 panelists believe bitcoin’s value will be much higher after the next halving in 2024. The panel currently predicts BTC’s value will rise to $77,492 in 2025, and by 2030, bitcoin will be in the six-digit zone at $188,451 per coin. Damian Chmiel, the senior analyst and editor…

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