Crypto Updates, SingularityNET, Ocean Protocol Form Alliance

Should AIs be Trained on Data for Free?

The blockchain technology networks,
SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol, recently merged their projects to create a
decentralized form of artificial intelligence (AI). According to a statement by, this
collaboration aims to democratize access to AI technologies while ensuring
their benefits are distributed equitably.

Named Superintelligence Alliance, the partnership is
driven by a shared vision of harnessing the potential of AI potential for the
benefit of humanity., SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol plan to
merge their tokens into a single currency dubbed Artificial Superintelligence
(ASI). The trio has highlighted the need for decentralized control to prevent
AI from being monopolized by a few entities.

This universal AI token aims to streamline
transactions within the alliance’s ecosystem and facilitate collaboration among
developers, researchers, and users. With a combined value of $7.5 billion, the
alliance positions itself as a formidable player in the AI industry.

By merging their resources and expertise,,
SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol seek to create a decentralized ecosystem
where AI development is open, transparent, and inclusive. Dr. Ben Goertzel, known as the “Father of
AGI,” leads SingularityNET, while Humayun Sheikh and Trent McConaghy
spearhead and Ocean Protocol, respectively.

Artificial Superintelligence

To ensure effective governance, the alliance will
establish a governing council comprising leaders from, SingularityNET,
and Ocean Protocol. Community input will be solicited, with governance
proposals subject to approval by the majority.

If successful, the token merge will proceed, signaling
a new era of collaboration and innovation in decentralized AI. With a focus on
inclusivity and shared values, the Superintelligence Alliance is poised to lead
the charge toward a more equitable and accessible AI landscape.

Last year, blockchain

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