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Feast Your Mind At Benzinga’s ‘Future Of Food’ Webinar Thursday With 2 Industry Experts

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Are you ready to embark on a culinary quest and discover the future of food and farming? If so, circle 11 a.m. ET on Thursday, Feb. 8 on your calendar and join the Future of Food: Agriculture & Culinary Innovation virtual event. This webinar is your ticket to a world where the boundaries of agriculture and culinary arts blur, giving rise to new possibilities.

Food For Thought

This virtual gathering is more than an event: it’s a rendezvous point for minds curious about the forces reshaping our food systems. From the latest advancements in crop cultivation to the avant-garde in food preparation, this webinar is a melting pot of discussions that promise to upend conventional food practices. Leading the charge are two professionals whose backgrounds are as diverse as they are impressive.

Richard Wong

Richard Wong is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience across different sectors, including consumer goods, forestry and fertilizers. He has a unique skill set that bridges the gap between start-ups’ agility and public companies’ robustness. He serves as the CFO and interim CEO of AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd, where he has played a significant role in steering the company toward more sustainable cultivation technologies and plant-based innovations.

Wong’s previous roles at companies like Emerald Harvest Co. and Dan-D Foods highlight his ability to drive growth and sustainability in the business world.

Arik Kaufman

Arik Kaufman, the co-founder and CEO of Steakholder Foods Ltd., is revolutionizing the culinary world by exploring the potential of cultivated meat technologies. With his leadership skills, Steakholder Foods is working toward creating sustainable and ethical alternatives to meat and seafood production methods.

To achieve this goal, the company uses innovative techniques such as 3D bio-printing of meat and slaughter-free solutions. Through his work, Kaufman is playing a crucial role in the future of food by transforming the global food supply chain into a more sustainable and ethical model.

Crafting The Future Bite By Bite

The conversation will be more than “how” and will address the ‘”why,” spotlighting the pressing need for sustainable solutions to global food challenges.

Viewers will gain a new perspective on transformative technologies,…

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