Crypto community split on Coinbase NFT’s push for ‘sensible crypto policy’

Crypto community split on Coinbase NFT's push for 'sensible crypto policy'

As crypto exchange Coinbase makes a push toward a sensible regulatory environment for the crypto space, the exchange launched a nonfungible token (NFT) collection to gain the community’s support. However, not everyone is excited about the move, with some not even sure if it will have any impact at all. 

On April 25, Coinbase launched an NFT campaign dubbed “Stand With Crypto” after filing a court action that aims to compel the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to answer its rulemaking petition. According to Coinbase, the NFTs represent the community’s stand to protect and promote crypto’s potential and become the symbol for seeking “sensible crypto policy.”

Despite the cause looking like a noble act working in the interest of the crypto community, the reactions to the NFT drop were not all positive. While others praised the move and minted their NFTs, others were a bit critical. 

According to crypto influencer Wendy O, the Digital Currency Traders Alliance “did the same thing,” referring to the push for more crypto-friendly regulation, before Coinbase. The Bitcoin YouTuber urged the exchange to band together instead of being fragmented and include fighting for retail instead of pushing them out.

Meanwhile, a community member expressed their uncertainty about the NFTs having an impact but admitted that it makes them feel like they did something. They tweeted:

Crypto Coin Show host Ashton Addison also criticized the campaign for instructing community members to add a shield emoji next to their Twitter display name while not having one on their own. 

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At the time of writing, Coinbase’s Stand With Crypto NFTs have gotten considerable support, with over 15,000 mints with more than 7,000…

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