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COOKIE, the Cookie3 MarketingFi Ecosystem Token, Will Launch on ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter

COOKIE, the Cookie3 MarketingFi Ecosystem Token, Will Launch on ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter

March 26, 2024 – Tallinn, Estonia

This first MarketingFi utility token will launch within the Cookie3 ecosystem COOKIE represents digital marketing value passed on to users who drive projects forward instead of on advertising giants like Google or Facebook.

Cookie3, a MarketingFi protocol and AI data layer, has just announced that COOKIE the Cookie DAO-powered token will launch on ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter in Q2 2024.

Using the Cookie3 technological stack, COOKIE aims to move $366 billion digital marketing value from advertising giants onto users who bring quality to projects and help them grow.

The project is backed by industry’s top names, including lead investor Spartan Group, GSR, Big Brain Holdings, CMT Digital, Hartmann Capital, Jsquare and Orange DAO, as well as two top launchpads Polkastarter and ChainGPT second of which is also the project’s accelerator.

Ilan Rakhmanov, the CEO and founder of ChainGPT, COOKIE launchpad and Cookie3 accelerator, said,

“Cookie3 and its ecosystem token COOKIE are something the market has not seen yet but has needed for long.

“This revolutionary approach, which combines AI, DeFi and marketing with Cookie3’s amazing data processing technology, gives COOKIE an amazing utility within the Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 digital marketing economy.

“We were lucky to find this project and be closely involved in Cookie3’s development. We see Cookie3 use cases across all corners of Web 3.0 and its entire user base from degens through KOLs and businesses.

“Cookie3 finds ways to unlock marketing value and put it exactly where it needs to be, using COOKIE as a medium.

“We are honored to support Cookie3’s journey and awaiting to see COOKIE in action within the Cookie3 multi-platform ecosystem.”

João Leite, managing partner of Polkastarter and COOKIE launchpad, said,

“We are delighted that COOKIE will launch on Polkastarter. We have been following Cookie3 for the past two years and are excited that COOKIE will find its home and multiple utilities across Cookie3 platforms.

“Today is the day when MarketingFi [becomes] an even stronger term. I look forward to seeing the Cookie3 vision unfold even further with COOKIE as the medium and carrier of MarketingFi value.”

Unlocking $366 billion value with MarketingFi protocol and AI data layer

Cookie3 is able to push marketing value into its ecosystem and users with the COOKIE token, thanks to its unique technological stack based…

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