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Color Coding Weed: New System Easily Categorizes Cannabis By Effects (Energetic, Uplifting, Calming, Resting)

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Discover Your Color (DYC), a novel enterprise software service, is on a mission to redefine the way consumers select cannabis products.

The brainchild of Dr. Jean Talleyrand and his team at MyTEPI, DYC categorizes cannabis into four distinct color-coded groups, based on comprehensive Certificate of Analysis data. This color-coding system, a result of a decade of scientific and consumer research, offers a streamlined approach for customers to understand and predict the effects of different cannabis products.

How Cannabis Color-Coding Works

Discover Your Color streamlines cannabis selection by categorizing products into four color-coded groups: green, yellow, purple and blue, each representing a specific effect like energetic, uplifting, calming and resting.

This system, grounded in scientific analysis, offers a more reliable and intuitive approach than traditional Indica/Sativa classifications. It begins with consumers identifying their desired effect, leading them to a corresponding color.

This personal discovery helps ensure a consistent experience, as each color represents a stable combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. The approach simplifies choice for consumers and provides dispensaries with valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling better inventory management and potentially increasing sales.

The Pilot Program

The impact of DYC on the retail landscape became evident with its pilot implementation at Flore Dispensary in San Francisco, California, in January 2023. Flore combined manual and algorithmic tagging to classify its inventory, a process initiated by Dr. Talleyrand himself, who physically applied color-coded stickers on products. This intuitive system quickly resonated with customers, simplifying their purchasing decisions and altering consumer behavior.

Within just three months of deploying DYC, Flore Dispensary observed significant trends in customer preferences, providing invaluable insights into market demand. “Since using the Discover Your Color tags, our flower inventory has shifted to offering more of what the customer wants,” stated Nathan Whittington, the owner of Flore. This sentiment underscores the efficacy of DYC in aligning product offerings with consumer expectations.

The six-month performance metrics post-implementation of DYC at Flore are a…

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