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Can Bitcoin Rise 150% From Here? Crypto Expert Peter Brandt Predicts The Top

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Despite the Bitcoin decline below the $70,000 price mark, a crypto analyst still maintains an optimistic outlook for the pioneer cryptocurrency, predicting that the price of Bitcoin could reach its top soon

Analyst Says Bitcoin’s Top Is $150,000

On June 2, crypto analyst, Peter Brandt released a blog post predicting Bitcoin’s top in the current bull cycle. According to Brandt, the price of Bitcoin is expected to witness an exponential surge between the range of $130,000 to $150,000.

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Brandt foresees Bitcoin’s peak to occur in 2025 between late August and early September. The analyst has based his predictions on the cryptocurrency’s previous halving dates, highlighting that this cyclical event tends to continually present an “almost perfect symmetry within past bull market cycles.”

The Bitcoin halving is a four-year cycle event which cuts mining rewards by half, thereby reducing supply and potentially driving up the price due to increased scarcity and heightened demand for the cryptocurrency. 

Brandt has suggested a possible correlation 

between Bitcoin’s bull runs in the past with the onset of its halving cycle, emphasizing that following each halving year, Bitcoin has witnessed a surge to new all-time highs. More specifically, he pointed out that the number of weeks from Bitcoin’s market bottom to the halving dates was nearly the same duration as the halving dates to the next bull market peak. 

In his blog post, Brandt shared a price chart depicting Bitcoin’s price movements from 2010 to 2025, highlighting the cryptocurrency’s past performances after the halving events. The crypto analyst emphasized that after the halving event in 2012, and 2016, Bitcoin witnessed a significant bull run which pushed its price to new all-time highs.

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The most notable bull cycle was seen in 2021 which came after the May 2020 halving event, with Bitcoin’s price surging to a previous all-time high of around $69,044. Based on this recurring pattern, Brandt’s optimistic prediction sees Bitcoin potentially reaching as high as $150,000 in the next bull market

25% Probability That Bitcoin Has Topped For This Cycle

While expressing his bullish outlook for Bitcoin, Brandt also disclosed a more pessimistic assessment of the cryptocurrency’s future priceThe analyst has placed a 25% probability that Bitcoin has topped this bull market cycle. 

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