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Bitfinex’s Unveils Tether-Denominated Bond

Bitfinex’s Unveils Tether-Denominated Bond Set to Debut in November

Bitfinex Securities has announced the first-ever
tokenized bond set to debut in November. This innovative bond, denominated in
Tether and offering a competitive 10% coupon rate over 36 months, aims to
change how capital is raised.

Dubbed ALT2611, the tokenized is set to acquire
risks associated with the debt and equity of microfinance organizations, small
financial institutions, leasing companies, and banks across Italy, Romania,
Moldova, and other developing nations along the historic Silk Road, the crypto
exchange said.

Paolo Ardoino, the Chief Technology Officer at
Bitfinex and the incoming CEO of Tether has hailed this initiative as the dawn
of a new era in the world of finance. This bond offers a coupon rate of 10% for
investors. Bitfinex Securities aims to create deep, liquid markets, redefining
the dynamics of stock and fund markets.

Bitfinex Securities said it is committed to helping
issuers to access public exchanges with their tokenized securities. This
platform facilitates the trading of blockchain -based bonds, stocks, and
investment funds….

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