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Bitcoin Supply On Exchanges Has Dropped To A 6-Year Low, What This Means For Price


Bitcoin broke over the $46,000 level twice in the past 24 hours for the first time since the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC, signaling a bullish return into most cryptocurrencies spearheaded by BTC. In particular, Bitcoin investors seem to be gearing up for action as the next Bitcoin halving approaches with an interesting time of withdrawal from exchanges.

Serious money has been on the move from exchanges in the past 30 days, as shown by on-chain data. As a result, the Bitcoin balance across various exchanges has seen a drastic drop to the lowest level in six years.

Percentage Of Bitcoin Supply On Exchanges Drops To Lowest Level Since 2017

A large portion of Bitcoin holders have been holding onto their coins for the long haul. According to IntoTheBlock data, about 69% of Bitcoin holders have been holding their coins for longer than one year.

Data from the on-chain analytics platform Santiment also showed that the supply of Bitcoin on exchanges recently dropped to 5.3% of the total circulating supply for the first time since December 2017, indicating 94.7% of the supply is currently in private custody. This metric is particularly interesting, considering BTC’s total circulating supply has grown by 2.84 million since December 2017.

As shown in Santiment’s chart, the supply on exchanges has been on a free fall since January 10, around when the first spot Bitcoin ETFs went live in the US. This isn’t surprising, as the sentiment around Bitcoin turned fully bullish during this period despite a prolonged price struggle.

In a similar manner, whale transaction tracker Whale Alerts has disclosed large bouts of BTC exiting crypto exchanges to private wallets in the past month. Notably, Bitcoin’s dominance over altcoins has gained ground, with the institutional demand for Bitcoin post-ETF approval also surging.

This mass BTC exodus from crypto exchanges signals that long-term holders feel more comfortable

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