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Bitcoin Could Go ‘To $150K,’ Says Crypto Veteran Lark Davis, Shares Exit Strategy: ‘Don’t Buy Forever’

Veteran Trader Peter Brandt Asks Macro Guru If Bitcoin Bull Has Finally Awoken From Deep Slumber

Cryptocurrency YouTuber Lark Davis predicted Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) “could go to $150K” in the next cryptocurrency bull market. He also shared five tips about his personal exit strategy for the market cycle.

“My First Three Altcoins Were…”

In a YouTube interview, Davis said he bought his first Bitcoin after his mother told him about it in 2017. He also bought NEM, Digibyte and Ripple (CRYPTO: XRP) as his first altcoins. While NEM and Digibyte are no longer talked about much, XRP remains relevant.

Davis reminded people that most ideas are not new and many projects failed to gain adoption over time: “it’s not because they were scams, they just failed to get adoption. Right idea wrong time.”

“ETFs are the spark, every cycle has a spark.”

Davis believes we are in a 2016-style prolonged bull market. He discussed how the launch of Bitcoin ETFs will bring new liquidity and investment into the cryptocurrency market.

However, he warned that this does not mean the market will only go up forever, saying “it doesn’t mean the super cycle is here.”

While ETFs are fundamentally bullish long-term, money can also flow out of ETF products if prices decline from highs: “when they [ETF shares buyers] get a 5X on that, people are going to sell.”

Davis also noted that ETF flows are not a one-way street. “Wait when tens of thousands of bitcoin flow out from BlackRock, then people are really going to freak out,” he cautioned.

He believes Bitcoin’s price could reach $150,000 this cycle due to the ETFs but warned against having a rigid price target that you won’t sell under.

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Davis’ Exit Strategy For The Bull Market

Davis shared tips on how he plans to approach the bull market:

Expect huge volatility: large drops of 20-30% are normal within bull markets, and altcoins often drop even more during these periods
Don’t buy forever: the window to profitably buy and sell is closing.
2025 is not the time to deploy a lot of liquidity: Bitcoin typically hits a new high 6–8 months after a halving event.
Sell your altcoins when the market is euphoric: the time to exit altcoin positions is within 2–4 weeks of Bitcoin topping.
“If you’re not planning to exit, you’re planning to be exited on:” Laddered…

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