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Binance.US disagrees SEC’s “Unreasonable” Data Requests

Binance.US and SEC

the U.S. arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange, has responded strongly to
the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in an ongoing legal
dispute. The exchange’s attorneys has filed sealed documents today on September 12
opposing the SEC’s motion to compel, deeming many of the SEC’s demands
“unreasonable” and “unduly burdensome.”

their opposition, BAM Trading Services, which operates Binance.US, asserted that the SEC’s requests for information
and interrogatories were overly broad and beyond the scope of the consent
order. They argued that the SEC’s insistence on obtaining detailed information
and conducting depositions of BAM’s CEO, Brian Shroder and the CFO, Jasmine Lee was unreasonable.

legal team contended that Shroder and Lee had no unique knowledge regarding the
custody and transfer of customer assets at Binance.US, making their depositions
unnecessary. They also pointed out that other witnesses, such as BAM’s Chief
Information Security Officer, Erik Kellogg could provide more insight into the
exchange’s operations.

attorneys emphasized that the burden imposed by these depositions outweighed
any potential benefit. The requested discovery was disproportionate to the
needs specified in the consent order.

Lack of Evidence: BAM Contests
SEC’s Assertions on Asset Diversion

challenged the SEC’s allegations that customer assets had been diverted,
stating that the SEC had “no evidence to
support its unsubstantiated allegations.” They described the SEC’s claims
as misleading and mistaken.

response comes following a joint motion, agreed by both Binance and the
SEC, to file confidential information under seal. This agreement, made on
September 11, restricts access to certain material, allowing only the judge,
attorneys, plaintiffs, and defendants to view confidential and non-public

Navigating Legal Challenges:
Binance’s Ongoing Battle with U.S. Regulators

Finance Magnates reported in mid-August that an
ongoing legal battle between Binance’s entities
and the SEC, a federal judge
has referred the matter to the magistrate court. The SEC had requested
information from Binance.US regarding user asset custody and security, which
the exchange deemed irrelevant to the case. Binance’s legal team previously
filed a protective order to…

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