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Big Buyers Fueling Rally On Top Crypto Exchanges

Big Buyers Fueling Rally On Top Crypto Exchanges

Driven by a mix of positive elements, Solana (SOL) is seeing a spike in trading activity. This covers big buy orders, institutional investors’ savvy purchasing approach, and the expected release of SOL-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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Whales Consolidate SOL discretely

Trading data shows a notable increase in trading volume among key exchanges including Binance, Coinbase,, and OKX. However, a more in-depth analysis by, which is a real-time trading research programme, indicates a pattern that is very intriguing: a “Major TWAP” signal for SOL.

Big investors, notably financial institutions, typically employ a strategy known as Time-Weighted Average Price, or TWAP for short. It is common practice to spread out a large buy order over a certain time period in order to lessen the impact it has on the market price.

The implication of this is that institutional players are purposefully accumulating SOL without causing big price movements, which is a classic indicative of a long-term positive outlook.

ETF Hype Ignites Investor Interest

In addition, the announcement that probable SOL-oriented exchange-traded funds (ETFs) might hit the market by the middle of March 2025 is generating curiosity among investors. As a result of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)’s recent submission of proposals to list exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offered by VanEck and 21Shares, the bitcoin community has been filled with excitement and speculation.

SOL market cap currently at $66 billion. Chart:

Solana Price Forecast

A number of analysts are projecting a continuous rise in SOL price; others estimate a 17% gain by August 10th under underlying cautious optimism. Additionally showing a positive trend are technical indicators.

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Measuring general market mood, the Fear & Greed Index comes out as “Fear” (29).  This implies that although investors are largely hopeful about SOL’s possibilities, certain fundamental issues remain present in the larger crypto industry.

SOL price seen soaring this coming August. Source: CoinCodex


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