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Biden Vs. Trump: One Candidate’s Lead Vanishes In Key Swing State Of Wisconsin But This Voter Base Could Prop Up His Chances

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Donald Trump took away more than 99% of the votes in the Nevada Republican caucus held Thursday, while his lone credible opponent Nikki Haley fared poorly in the primary elections held in the state on Tuesday. Despite her weak standing against Trump, Haley has the best chance of beating President Joe Biden in the 2024 general election, a new poll has found.

Dead Heat: Trump and Biden split the voters equally when they were asked to choose between the two for the presidency, according to Marquette Law School Poll, Wisconsin survey, done on Jan. 24-31. About 930 Wisconsin registered voters were surveyed for the purpose.

Forty-nine percent of respondents picked Biden as their preferred candidate and an equal proportion favored Trump as well, while 2% said they were undecided. Independent candidates leaned more towards Biden as the incumbent led his predecessor by a 49%-42% margin in this category.

Trump held a percentage point lead over Biden when responses of “likely voters” were taken into account.

A December survey in the state showed that Biden led Trump by a 50-48% margin, both among registered voters and likely voters.

Another interesting takeaway was only 80% of registered voters said Biden would be/probably be the nominee of the Democratic Party compared to 85% who said Trump would be/probably be the Republican party’s nominee.

This imparts some credibility to rumors of other candidates thrown into the race, including former first lady Michelle Obama.

5-Way Race Beefs Up Trump: When independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein were included on the ballots, Trump trumped Biden by a 40%-37% margin. Kennedy took away 16% support, while Stein and West received 5% and 2% of the support, respectively. The poll among the likely voters return results in line with that of the findings from registered voters.

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Haley – Biden Thrasher? When Trump was replaced by Haley as the potential Republican nominee for the general election, 57% of the registered voters chose her over Biden, while Biden was 16 points behind with 41% support. In December, Haley beat Biden by a 53%-44% margin.

Among, the likely voters, the margin was still in…

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