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Biden Administration’s Economic Report Deems Crypto Assets ‘Mostly Speculative Investment Vehicles’ – Bitcoin News

Biden Administration's Economic Report Deems Crypto Assets ‘Mostly Speculative Investment Vehicles’ – Bitcoin News

On Monday, U.S. president Joe Biden published the administration’s economic report and addressed the subject of cryptocurrencies. The section titled “The Perceived Appeal of Crypto Assets” describes the currencies as “mostly speculative investment vehicles” that are “unbacked” and “traded without fundamental anchors.” The White House insists that crypto assets do not deliver on their promises and do not “perform all the functions of money as effectively as sovereign money, such as the U.S. dollar.”

Crypto Assets and Defi Highlighted in Biden Administration’s Economic Report

The recently published “Economic Report of the President” covers various topics, including the war in Ukraine, Covid-19, infrastructure, and U.S. employment statistics. On page 239, the report delves into bitcoin and other crypto assets, examining claims made by proponents and attempting to refute them. The Biden administration views crypto assets as too volatile when compared to traditional assets. According to the White House, crypto assets are “mostly speculative investment vehicles” and fail to serve as effective units of account.

The report argues that cryptocurrencies do not perform well as a medium of exchange due to their limited acceptance and high volatility, which prevents them from being reliable stores of value. The White House also believes that there is a conflict of interest when crypto assets are seen as both a form of money and an investment vehicle. “In summary, in addition to being speculative assets, cryptocurrencies are currently ineffective alternatives to sovereign money, such as the U.S. dollar,” the report’s authors claim.

The White House points out that crypto assets do not fulfill basic monetary promises and warns that stablecoins can pose a run risk. The report highlights the Terra stablecoin implosion as an example, and the White House emphasizes that stablecoins could potentially “disrupt financial stability.” Therefore, “stablecoins are currently too risky to satisfy this need,” according to the president’s economic report. While the White House acknowledges that distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a significant accomplishment in computer science, it also notes that “there have been limited economic benefits” of DLT.

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The authors of the report also criticize Web3, referring…

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